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Our Logo Inspired Story

The eye is a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our passages. Inspiration comes first and then the thoughts and activity brings unto the inspiration, the manifesting.

In the world of modern marketing, it’s trendy to use logo’s to brand yourself, your business, your products and services. Hence defining your core philosophy and/or business identity. At a glance, a visual representation is interpreted through repetitious presentations in advertising. Within a generation, symbols recognised instead of words, subliminally promote their image and product and services. Two syllable names in the Internet world are cherished and websites that can capitalise on these easily remembered names are prominent reasons for success. eBay, Facebook, Etsy, Yahoo, Instagram and Google for example. Thus, an Iconic Inspiration came to our brand creator.

The eye is a mystic fascination in symbolism and represents the spiritual realms to the monetary. The inner or third eye is speculated but many don’t regard it as factual. No matter how you look at human and animal kingdom eyes they are awe inspiring and able to represent at a glance, fear, curiosity, romance, surprise, sadness and mystery variations of each. Windows to the Universe and to the Soul were captured by creator in his sighted and insightful yearning for symbolism to represent the never ending vast knowledge of humankind into an inspirational and continued action symbol.

In his thoughtful quest for completion of this future universally recognised symbol, it was in is asking, his focused and aligned asking that the answer was given to creator but ignored. Sketching crude outlines gave way to a common eye representation that had vague symbolic value in his self-suggestive mind. That is until a deeper inspired dreamlike symbol kept resurfacing and could no longer be ignored. It literally became a foothold in his every symbolic thought. In his research, his knowledge of the human foot became the powerful image to complete the very basic, simplistic form that represents the action necessary to fulfill our insightful dreams.

Because of brand creator’s desired dream and his inspired eureka moment, we now have a symbol to represent life in quest of human life and it’s humanity dreams. It is complete. A Universal Symbol that inspires the pathways of walking actions on visions of hoped for dreams. Universal in that it has that uniqueness to convey vision and action in any endeavour. A symbol representing an action necessary for a visionary outcome for our evolutionary good of mankind. It’s a reminder that we are just one step away from an awesome journey in search of our wants and our desires.

“Eyefoot”, a brand logo born of inspired creativity to inspire creativity. Let your sight and insight be your guide with inspired action. A symbol that seeks to encourage an entire generation for the benefits of their own and future generations with their sustainable visionary footprints.

Foot Note:

Though this symbol and story is trademarked and copyrighted, we give permission to copy and paste this symbol multiple times into a word document and then cut and paste it everywhere as a reminder that without your actions, your visions instead become trampled.

This brand logo, designed to be thought-provoking should is not be confused with the logos of any cult, secret society or any specialty group as its, herewith, an intellectual property of the brand creator and owners.